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Miss Canada Pageant 1991 October 29,1990 Musical Number Performed by: -The 44 Representatives 44 Representatives: Results 1 Edmonton (AB) – Leslie McLaren (Universe 91) 2 Red Deer (AB) – Julie-Ann Lundie 3 London (ON) – Dana Assaf 4 Nova Scotia – Laura Louise Megeney Semi-finalists Laurentians Region (QC) – Edith Fortin Northern Ontario Region – Kristina Klaas Prince Albert (SK) – Lisa Francoeur Saskatoon (SK) – Kathy Foulds Remainder Brampton (ON) – Tanja Helena Edwards Calgary (AB) – Claudia David (2nd RU World Canada 93) Chilliwack (BC) – Kimberley Procee Cornwall (ON) – Natasha Roberge Dollard (SK) – Selina Rooker Fort St. John (BC) – April K. Smith Fredericton (NB) – Heather Dunphy Grande Prairie (AB) – Dora Mellon Huronia Region (ON) – Shelley-Ann Maxwell Interior of (BC) – Catherine Lesiw Kitchener-Waterloo (ON) – Juliann Kuchocki (Oktoberfest 90) Lethbridge (AB) – Connie Hirsche Lloydminster (SK) – Heidi Tritscher Medicine Hat (AB) – Elin Maureen Elliott Mississauga (ON) – Darlene Norris Moncton (NB) – Mary Catherine Dunnett Montréal (QC) – Nadia Marcheterre Moose Jaw (AB) – Corla Shaw Newfoundland & Labrador – Lisa Oake (Oktoberfest 91) Niagara Region (ON) – Anh Pham North Battleford (SK) – Shauna Marie Sparling North Vancouver Island (BC) – Shannon Martin Prince Edward Island – Margaret Campbell Prince George (BC) – Maia Stewart Regina (SK) – Leslee D. Nicurity Saint John (NB) – Jennifer Ellis Sarnia (ON) – Mirra Ann Simrak Southwestern British Columbia – Tara
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  1. GraceParkFan86 says:

    All you Grace Park fans type this on Google:” IMDB users let’s pick the most beautiful actress over 21 and under 40 years of age right now? (2012)” and vote for the most beautiful actress in the world. It’s completely free. Lets? help her finish high? on this poll. Sorry but for some reason I can’t provide exact link.

  2. jaycr2006 says:

    If you like big breast why don’t go to outside and look for fat cow, there are plenty of them? out there.

  3. Steven Barnes says:


  4. polecat987 says:

    Let’s pop? the champagne and have fun!

  5. MeganoOdles says:

    13 people are allergic to? vaginas

  6. xLuiKangx007 says:

    Grace Park is? super hot

  7. Oldguynj says:

    A beautiful lady says it all. The comments on this and other similar videos are distressing. How many wisea*s remarks made here would be made in person and not made in a cowardly, anonymous manner hiding behind a keyboard. Just reading 70% of the comments here makes you wonder if this country deserves to maintain its top position in the world. We are becoming a rude, ignorant, and superficial nation. ? Good God, people, wake up! Don’t respond to the nutcases. Stay on point and be civilized!

  8. this1ssteve says:

    i would love to frack? her cylon or not…

  9. thegrimyeaper says:

    Yeah, Grace…we’re looking at the curtains…? 😛

  10. TheAmerinorwegian says:

    nipple? at 0:57 (fap fap fap)

  11. 88brokenglass says:

    beauties? come frm everywhr,no matter wat races u r or skin tones..

  12. gaminguniverse650 says:

    Oh and helenmont do everyone a favour and FUCK OFF!! Silicone makes breasts rounder and bigger? not flat as fuck you tard!!!

  13. gaminguniverse650 says:

    Everyone saying. Aw she has small tita and probably had cancer? wtf! She dint have cancer and all asiana have flat chests.! Face it ur all ugly bastards so you slate grace even though she is one sexii mofo 🙂

  14. Enanurri says:

    I can now? understand to Sheldon Cooper.

  15. Camman010 says:

    To think she is my? neighbor

  16. classroom998 says:

    hot and sexy?

  17. greatestfb18 says:

    She’s got ass but no? tits?! 🙁

  18. XYtruck25 says:

    I wonder if Grace Park? farts during the day? Grace looks like Leah Remini from the TV show king of queens

  19. MovieMation says:

    first girl i fapped too!? 🙂

  20. XplicitVocalz says:

    Sexy? Korean woman…

  21. Gokhan1007 says:

    Grace Park I? love you!

  22. aaronaguirre61 says:

    whats with the oldies music??

  23. Oscar D Gyves says:

    Dat ass? 1:42

  24. LoryLandskipper says:

    2:40? winnar

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