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Music video by Sisqo performing Thong Song. (C) 2000 The Island Def Jam Music Group
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. thebookershowify says:

    them hoes? goin to jail for assault both of em!

  2. alexisa905 says:

    Lol? tf

  3. christiana robinsion says:


  4. briana brown says:


  5. visualassasin says:

    plus she? is a smoking hottie

  6. 9310harley says:

    Get some chicks? that do more than rolling around and slapping!

  7. swguy2006 says:

    I would rape these chicks?

  8. kingzula says:

    just curious, some of these girls really went at it. were? you responsible for any injuries that may have happened.

  9. bAngoSkank100 says:

    when was this?? 1992

  10. swguy2006 says:

    I would fuck? them both

  11. john K says:

    I used to love to watch those films. Sad about? his passing.

  12. hzuiel says:

    This is not one? of those things you want people to hear you watching from another room….

  13. visualassasin says:

    i love the? faceplant into the door, haha

  14. pete robles says:

    daily motion,has some? great cat fights too…

  15. lezkiss says:

    I loved watching Andi fight. Her match with Michelle is my all time favourite, it’s? a real pity the promised rematch was never filmed. watching a topless fight between two such aggressive and busty girls would have really been something.

  16. 4Divine says:

    what r the rules? No hair pulling or? punching just slapping and grappling?? Lame

  17. beautifulwomensful says:

    nice fight?

  18. jirin2 says:

    Is this a real fight? LOL? JK

  19. texmex556 says:

    Girl? with big boobs in front of me, other girl behind me, fight but keep me in-between. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. zgomer1 says:

    The one in the light blue had nice boobs…the other one had a nice butt.?

  21. NickCoolism says:

    they cant fight at? all..

  22. tom11zz884 says:

    Not as real as Crystal Films old catfights,? but still entertaining.

  23. Snitzky666 says:


  24. CrystalfilmsCatDaddy says:

    A Real Competitive Catfight has no set length. If it does, then the Girlz are not going all out for the win and are saving themselves to go the distance. Wishing for extra time in a Production Catfight is just that… wishful thinking. Many of the Video Magazine Catfights were grudgefights. There was nothing scripted about them. In some cases, the Girlz really did not like? one another and wanted to destroy the other girl. You want real fights? Don’t put time limits on them! Talked with Lou alot!

  25. rabinski says:

    So you’re saying that you made these videos, and sold them to Crystal ? These were presented by them as grudge fights. Is that what they we’re ? The one in black? underweare and stockings with garter belt was a big favorite of mine. Were there any m,ore of that type ?

  26. BushidoEffect3 says:

    Fucking Classic!! =D?

  27. Arianna Butler says:

    Btw follow me on? ig @arie_parie ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Arianna Butler says:

    @bitchasshoeism sooo flucking true… Smfh. I always? knew he was gay

  29. Ruby Jimenez says:

    their dancing? the gangnam style

  30. brofranomo says:

    Simple music? for simple minds. UGH.

  31. John Smith says:

    I thought this was the coolest song ever when I was 9! lol HAHA ? I thought Sisqo and Dru Hill were twins.

  32. GMB517 says:

    Remember being in elementary school? hearing this song,and was thinking like wtf is a

  33. Elin West says:

    looooooooooove his belly button ring !?

  34. tiono823 says:


  35. Mike Maximus says:

    Such creeps should be burn… wonder what kind of media making? such shit scum bag like this sing..

  36. Ashley Moye says:

    I was like 12-13 wen this song came out? and I knew EVERY WORD lol

  37. Redmailnet says:

    I remember listening to this on MTV, I’m 26 now? so, I guess thats my childhood music then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. lanenairisd says:

    Lol…that? is all!

  39. bitchasshoeism says:

    3:12? gayest pyramid I have ever seen….wow

  40. Diego Silberberg says:

    This? porn has good music

  41. BleedsFashion1212 says:

    Who’s? that?

  42. Valerie Mikko says:

    Good girls are bad girls that never get? caught!

    Come watch my VIDEOS!


  43. arniukas12 says:

    i? think he was a guy in the video that ownage prank called.

  44. showermanable says:

    The background music is used for? a dubstep song but I can’t remember the song can anyone tell me please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Koryo8 says:

    great contribution to humanity’s advancement. thanks? sisqo!!

  46. sumaridesfree says:

    whos ray???

  47. showermanable says:

    Whats the background music? lol?

  48. zeaney says:

    checkout my? vids thanks

  49. THE1POSTMAN says:

    That”s? what THE1POSTMAN sings to all the HOT chicks.

  50. jame hame says:

    Dumps like a truck truck , thighs like what what what , baby move? your butt butt butt I think I sing it again ๐Ÿ˜€

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